Dr PhD Vesna Ivanisevic is a Consultant Psychiatrist with 36 years long working experience.

She graduated from the University of Belgrade, Serbia, completed the advanced training in Neuropsychiatry in 1986 and the PhD in Neuroscience in 1992 at Military Medical Academy where she worked for 15 years at the Neuropsychiatry Department.

Dr Vesna Ivanisevic left Serbia for New Zealand in 1996, worked in Auckland (New Zealand) at various psychiatric settings (Crisis Teams, Community Mental Health Services, Specialist Service for Personality Disorders and as a Consultant Psychiatrist in the Inpatient unit at Auckland Hospital).

She was also working as a General Adult Psychiatrist at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Mental Health Trust, one of the biggest National Health Service in London (The United Kingdom) on a permanent basis from 2002 to 2015.  It covers a large London area (central and north west) with a population of 1.4 million and provides mental health services at 70 sites to adults, older (65+) people and children.

She was treated patients suffering from anxiety disorders, depression, other affective disorders, psychotic disorders, stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dementia and other Cognitive Disorders, etc.

She was also working at Psychiatry&Psychology Consultancy Service ltd. (private practice) in the prestigious Harley Street area. Stress, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Dementia and other Cognitive disorders and Bipolar Affective Disorders are the areas of her expertise.

Since then Dr Vesna Ivanisevic has been working as a freelance psychiatrist in The United Kingdom, New Zealand and Serbia providing assessments and treatments for patients aged from 18 to 65+ suffering from various mental health conditions.

Dr Vesna Ivanisevic is registered with the General Medical Council of the UK, Medical Council of New Zealand and Serbian Medical Chamber. She is a member of The UK Royal College of Psychiatrists, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and Serbian Medical Society.

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